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About Me

My name is Cameron. I am a freelance graphic and web designer. I am here to enable you with the tools and skills to help your business succeed online.

Who am I?

My name is Cam, I am a freelance designer from the Greater Vancouver Area. I have lived all across Canada and come to define the west coast as home. I am a fairly laid back personality with a driven and motivated mindset. I have developed a deep rooted interest in technology which I love to share with friends and clients.

I have been doing web and graphic design for just over 3 years now for businesses big and small.

Why hire me?

Let's be honest, you could hire anyone to do your website, so why hire me? First off, I am a small business owner myself and I know first hand the pros and cons associated. I am fully committed to your success, responsible with your time and resources, and I personally guarantee your satisfaction with my work.

I provide you with 48 hour turnaround time and multiple rounds of edits to make sure my work is a good fit for you and your business.

My Skills

Web Design 95%
Graphic Design 90%
Branding & Logos 90%
Video Editing 84%

There's a good reason why more and more people are utilizing freelancers for projects these days. Many companies are saying goodbye to the conventional 9 to 5 and looking for more efficent and cost effective ways of reaching their goals.

My main niche that I tend to satisfy is building website PSD layouts. However, this includes more than just a single photoshop file and some stock photography slapped together. I have experience with a very diverse palette of past and current clients. Each client has their own individual needs, wants, and functionality built into their site. I take the time to learn about your online goals and design to achieve a sleek, modern, and functional design that sets you apart in your industry. I also off special rates for web design firms interested in hiring freelancers.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product fits him and sells itself.

Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker

Services & Pricing

experience smart and reliable design and development

General Web Services

Need a basic website completely up in a matter of days, or edits to your current one for an affordable rate? Drop me a line today.

PSD Web Design Layouts

Clean, professional, and fully custom PSD web design layouts for just about any custom web design project you may need.

Print Media Design

Well thought out and decicive marketing properly formatted and designed for your print needs. Flyers, banners, sales sheets, business cards, menus etc.


Ask me about re-branding or focusing your marketing. I have the experience, knowledge and drive to help you succeed with a new look or a re-brand.

User Experience

A project that looks good means nothing without a good user experience. I strive to create a great user experience for your clients that also looks good.


Do you know how to properly market your product and/or services online? Online advertising can boost your business from mediocre to great.

Client Testimonials

  • When I hired Cameron, I had a huge amount of work and a start from the ground up for two whole companies with multiple products lines. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Cameron has an unbelievable amount of talent for such a young artist. He caught on very quickly and didn’t give up in the search for new and innovative ideas and looks. Did I mention that Cameron was having to learn about cosmetics?

    I was worried because even though I am not a designer, I had a lot of ideas about the way that I wanted and needed it to look. Cameron was extremely patient and we worked literally side by side for almost a full year to feed off our each other’s ideas and make sure to make visually the best marketing and products. I do not feel that most artists can work this way but can tell you from experience, I would not have it any other way. Cameron was willing to be pulled in several directions without every getting upset but willing to push through to get the job done.

    I would and already have recommended Cameron to my family and would recommend again to anyone. I have had a lot of experience over the years and when you don’t have a $65K in house budget, Cameron and their capabilities are the way to go!

    Cameron always worked diligently to make sure we happy. He always worked in a very timely manner and was willing to do the research to learn new and exciting visually appealing looks.

    Miranda Coggins, CEO, The Lano Company
  • Cameron contributed to the web presence of Tim Neufeld by creating a unique ‘HUB’ for all social media outlets. Instead of sending fans, buyers, listeners, readers, and viewers to 6 different sites, they can now access and visually experience all of those sites in one. By doing this, we now see an increase in songs being purchased/streamed, videos being watched, blogs being read, and generally, an increase overall in social media activity. Our vision was to accommodate everyones needs in one click, and Cameron helped us achieve that.

    What we really enjoyed about working with Cameron was his availability. No matter the time or day, a big problem or a small problem, he was there ready to get the job done. For example, it was our record release day, one of the most important days, we realized our online store was not responding due to our forgetfulness to purchase a plugin. We called Cam early in the morning for help, and he pulled it all together for us, which led to many record sales.

    Because of his creative developing and design skills, his passion to see our vision come true, and his attitude to get the job done right, we would definitely recommend Cameron to anyone looking for web services.

    Colin Trask, Business Manager, Tim Neufeld Music

My Portfolio

Here is some recent work from some of my various clients across north america. Please Contact me If you would like to see more.

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